MGB Foundation Presents: “Restaurant Night” April 27, 2019 at UMD in Durham, NC

WE decided to do our first ever “Restaurant Night” at UMD in Durham, NC on April 27, 2019. This was a special occasion as we covered the tables and decorated with some amazing balloon decorations to provide a restaurant feel. For the patrons from the homeless community we had entertainment provided by a featured a string quartet from The Durham Symphony Orchestra.

We prepared and served a nice meal to 198 people from the homeless population with the help of some amazing volunteers.

We did community work before we were organized as a foundation.

Every nonprofit starts off with an idea and a dream. Our founder has believed in community service her entire life. One day she woke up and decided to start organizing projects and events to help out in the community and that is where we were born. Prior to organizing as a foundation, she setup a few events in the Durham, NC community and realized that she could do these events in different towns across the state of NC. A few of those events are highlighted below.

On August 17, 2017, our founder decided to organize a Spaghetti Dinner at UMD Durham for 200 people. She didn’t know where the donations would come from or if people would even help the cause, but she set out to complete her goal and started asking her friends to help. They all came with donations and to help out and the concept of preparing large meals to feed the homeless/ hungry population became something that she knew that she could do.

As the first event was a success our founder decided to try another style of event this time preparing food as if it was a “cookout”, this went over very well. On one night in March of 2018 her team of volunteers served 230 people at UMD in Durham, NC

As the cookout style was a “hit” our founder tried it again. The goal was to feed 200 people and the numbers came in at 182 people served and fed on this great day in August of 2018.

When something works and you know how to execute it well, you keep doing it. Our founder found something that she was good at doing. That was serving in the community and bringing people together.

One thing is for sure, you don’t have to be a foundation to serve people, but we are glad that we took the time to organize this foundation to help serve across NC and in the future, figure out how to “pop up” all over the United States of America.

OH, but we can’t forget, none of this would be possible without volunteers and donations!