About Us

This organization was created out of a need to want to help others in a way that allows for networking and service in the community at the same time. The simple concept of a “Pop Up” Community Service event promotes volunteerism and philanthropy. It also allows people to participate in a limited capacity for a few hours in an event based setup.


Our Founder Akeeya Umstead , also known as Misstakenid (pronounced Miss-taken- I- D, short for mistaken identity) has been serving in the Durham Community since she was a little girl. Her late mother Cassandra Wallace Umstead instilled in her that giving back in your community is an essential part of life. So it has been her goal in life to create community service events and projects to allow others to feel like giving back is important.

The One thing that she realized is that people want to serve, but they never want it to feel like an inconvenience in their schedule, so she decided to come up with projects that have a fairly short commitment time-frame. In one day you can serve your community and feel good doing it!

We also believe in collaboration. So we will collaborate with different groups to serve in the community. If you would like to collaborate please let us know.


A. Umstead “Misstakenid” (pronounced Miss-taken-I-D). From Durham, NC.

She has found a way to merge her passion for helping in the community and utilizing her project management skills to help create different experiences.

This allows her to work on her first organizational goal which is
to fight hunger for those in our homeless and underprivileged communities. She does this by promoting volunteerism through the organization’s “pop up community service” initiatives.

A quick vid highlighting a little of what we do.