MGB Foundation assists in Jan 29, 2020 PIT (Point in Time) Count Night Durham, NC

We were able to send our founder to participate in the Point in Time Count night in Durham, NC. This is a program that has volunteers team up with local law enforcement to count the members of the homeless population residing in unsheltered environments. These places can be local parks, abandoned parking lots, buildings, etc. The count is done to help with accounting for people for the census and it helps with funding for services to help with the homeless population in the city/state. This count is done at night every year in Durham, NC.

Teams are able to go out with blankets, gift cards and other information to assist the people that are found throughout the night.

Here are some photos from that night. Our founder with a team was able to help identify 2 people that needed assistance and give information to those people to help them seek out housing and various services.